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UK farm incomes fall for third straight year

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The latest data on farm incomes, updated by Defra last week, show overall farm incomes fell for the third consecutive year in 2015/16.

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The strengthening pound (ahead of the Brexit vote) and falling prices compounded losses for some sectors.

However, within this there were some success stories. The figures - which give figures for the year to March 2016 - show cereal production, horticulture and general cropping performed better than expected, all other farm types performed poorly.

Incomes from general cropping rose by over 20% on the year, to £62,900 and horticulture incomes rose by 11% to £35,100; cereal growers fared worse, with incomes falling to £35,600 (though this figure was better than expected).

All livestock sectors fared worse than expected, but pig producers took the biggest hit, with incomes more than halved, down to £22,000 due to increased input costs and oversupply.

Dairy incomes were almost halved, too, down to £42,300, though some costs were also reduced, including purchased feed and forage.

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