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UK farmers: Grass is not greener in France

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A group of 15 farmers in the AHDB Monitor Farm programme crossed the channel to visit French farmers – and discovered the grass isn’t greener on the other side.

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AHDB Monitor Farms bring together groups of farmers who want to improve their businesses by sharing performance information and best practice around a nationwide network of more than 30 host farms.

Monitor Farms are part of AHDB’s wider Farm Excellence Platform, which works with the industry to improve performance through knowledge exchange and benchmarking.

The farmers from the west of England and Wales ( pictured above) toured cereal growers and co-operatives in the northern French wheat belt to find out about their challenges and share experiences.

Martin Williams, one of the hosts of the Hereford Monitor Farm, said: “If you feel the issues are easier or the profits greater on the other side of the channel then think again. Apart from language, the conversations held could have been in any farming group in Britain.

“The costs of production on a 10t/ha wheat crop are identical, the cost of chemicals too are near identical, which was surprising when we are told the pound/euro situation is the cause of our prices.

“This was a fascinating cultural exchange of knowledge. A superb visit.”

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