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UK to import Mallorca potatoes

Christian Fernsby |
Mallorca’s potato exports to the United Kingdom are now guaranteed because the British government has agreed to change the regulations and allow Mallorcan potatoes to be sold in the UK.

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The conditions for exporting companies are not the same as they were before Brexit, because Whitehall requires a phytosanitary certificate with more demanding standards than before, now that the potato has been classified as a ‘high priority product’.

One month ago, the UK said that in order to export potatoes, producers would have to proof that the land they were grown in is free from the bacteria Globodera Behrens and Blobodera Rostochiensis. That requirement made it impossible to sell as Pobla potatoes in Britain because the bacteria is endemic in Mallorca.

70% of Spain's potato exports to the UK are grown in Mallorca and the business generates around 6 million euros a year.

According to, Councillor Mae de la Concha said she had reached an agreement with the British Ministry "to continue exporting potatoes as before."

The potato export campaign is expected to begin in March and it will have different packaging conditions.

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