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Ukraine milk producers association informs anti-trust agency

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The association of milk producers has filed an application to the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine regarding the unjustifiable reduction of purchase prices of milk and the alleged collusion by milk processing plants.

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The association said that on Thursday that in March 2017 the association urged representatives of processors who have been actively cutting purchase prices of raw milk since January 2017 to have dialog, while they did not react to calls to discuss the situation.

The association said that in the past three months purchase prices of milk decreased by over UAH 1, being UAH 7.80 per kilogram on average in Ukraine with the production cost of UAH 8.50 per kilogram. Prices of dairy products on shelves are growing.

"We believe that this is collusion. We use our constitutional right protecting the interests of milk producers and households who have to pay too high price for dairy products compared to the cost of raw milk," Vice President of the association Hanna Lavreniuk said.