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Uruguay: Some 23 national refrigerators authorized to export beef, sheep and poultry meat to Egypt

Christian Fernsby |
The visit of Egyptian technicians to national refrigerators last November and December determined that some 23 establishments can export beef, sheep and poultry to the African country.

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The conditions of hygiene, quality and safety, in addition to the credibility achieved by Uruguay's sanitary scheme in the world, were fundamental for the deal to materialize, affirmed the Minister of Livestock, Fernando Mattos.

The hierarch, in an interview with Presidential Communication, explained that the market was enabled, but there was a restriction on the list of plants authorized to export, of the three species: bovine, ovine and avian.

In addition, he emphasized that the selected establishments are well representative in terms of Uruguay's exports.

The minister described the Egyptian market as very important, because it comprises more than 100 million inhabitants with high purchasing power, which enables new placement options.

He explained that between November and December of last year, technicians from the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries (MGAP) received a delegation of veterinarians from Egypt, with whom they analyzed the safety and quality conditions.

He underscored the credibility achieved by the Uruguayan sanitary scheme in the world and that, in some way, this made it possible to announce that all the plants visited on that occasion would be authorized for export to Egypt.

Mattos explained that now the private actors, freely, will be able to do their business with all the requirements that include the task in the manner of the Islamic ritual. From a hygienic and sanitary point of view, the plants are enabled, and the market is open to operate widely.

He also reported that he will soon visit this market "so important and of interest to Uruguay."

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