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U.S. accuses Russia of creating barriers for agricultural imports

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The U.S. has accused Russia of creating barriers for U.S. exporters, especially agricultural companies, saying that Moscow have failed to embrace the market-oriented policies “championed by the World Trade Organization (WTO)”, according to a report by the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative.

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“So far, Russia’s actions strongly indicate that it has no intention of complying with many of the promises it made to the United States and other WTO (World Trade Organization) members. This trend is very troubling,” the report read.

“The agricultural sector continues to be one of the most challenging sectors for U.S. exporters. In addition to the import ban on nearly all agricultural goods from the United States and other WTO members, Russia continues to erect barriers to U.S. agricultural exports.

“In 2017, notwithstanding a few tariff reductions, Russia increasingly appeared to turn away from the principles of the WTO, instead turning inward through the adoption of local content policies and practices.

“Russia continued to rely on arbitrary behind-the-border measures and other discriminatory practices to exclude U.S. exports,” the report read.

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