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U.S. continue to be top purchaser of Brazilian coffee

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Opposed to the general performance of the sector, coffee exports to the Arab countries climbed 5% from January to August, compared to the same period of last year, totaling 793,026 60-kg bags shipped.

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The data was released by the Brazilian Coffee Exporters Council (CECAFÉ).

Overall, Brazilian producers exported 19.3 million bags of coffee in the eight first months of the year, down 9.2% over the same period of 2016.

These shipments generated $3.3 billion to producers, an increase of 2.9% in the same comparison. To Arabs alone, the increase in revenues reached 30% to $133.76 million.

In comparison to August 2016, however, last month’s coffee exports declined 22% in volume.

In all, 2.37 million bags were shipped in the month, generating $388.5 million in revenues – which also declined 20.5%, despite the average price of the bag increasing 1.9% in the same comparison.

The United States continue to be the top purchaser of Brazilian coffee with 19.8% of total exports registered from January to August.

Germany, with 17.1%, and Italy, with 9.2%, follow. None of the Arab countries appear among the ten largest buyers listed by CECAFÉ.

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