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USDA: We need more sugar in U.S., will change Mexico mix

Christian Fernsby |
Consistent with the Commerce Department’s Agreement Suspending the Countervailing Duty Investigation on Sugar From Mexico, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) notified the Department of Commerce of an additional need for sugar in the U.S. market of 100,000 short tons of refined sugar.

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Consequently, Commerce has increased the quantity of Mexican refined sugar permitted to be exported by 100,000 short tons. This increase in Mexico’s refined sugar export limit will not change the total amount of total sugar imports from Mexico, just the mix between refined and other sugar.

In recent weeks, prospects for U.S. sugar production have declined significantly due to adverse weather in both sugar beet and sugarcane regions.

In the November 2019 World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates Report, the U.S. sugar production projection declined by 572,000 short tons raw value from the previous month, while ongoing weather concerns threaten further reductions.

USDA will continue to monitor the market to assess whether supplies are adequate.

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