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Valencian agriculture loses €320 million after storms

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La Unió De Llauradors (the Growers' Union) in Valencia has estimated the direct losses caused by the heavy rainfall, floods, wind, even hail, at close to 320 million euros.

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This amount does not include other indirect losses. More than 250 million euros that had already been estimated to be lost due to the impact of the severe drought and other adverse weather conditions, so overall, the year 2016 has been a very harmful one for growers in the Region of Valencia. There could be a total loss of about 700 million euros.

The most serious incident of 2016 were the rains recorded in December, mainly in the period between December 16 and 19, when more than 140,000 hectares of crops were affected (almost 76,000 in Valencia, more than 39,000 in Alicante and more than 32,000 in Castellon).

By provinces, the biggest losses have been suffered by Valencia, with about 151 million euros, followed by Castellon with more than 91 and Alicante with more than 76 million euros.

The most affected crop has been citrus fruits, with more than 201 million euros, followed by vegetables, with 70.4 million, kakis, with 21.7, olives, with 20.5 or table grapes, with 3.8 million euros.

La Unió stated that both the Government of Spain and the regional Government of Valencia have reacted quickly announcing a line of aid, although this is focused on the repair of infrastructure, which has been heavily affected by the storms, while no measures have been introduced to compensate growers and livestock farmers directly.

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