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Very large farms hold 71.4% of EU agriculture

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Very large farms accounted for 6.3% of the total number of farms and for 71.4% of agricultural standard output in the EU.

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Farming is a predominantly family activity within the EU, with more than three-quarters (76.3%) of the EU agricultural labour force being family members.

Spain and Germany recorded the highest number of pigs across the EU (with 28.4 and 27.7 million head respectively), France the highest number of bovines (19.4 million head) and the United Kingdom the highest number of sheep (23.1 million head).

The Netherlands, Spain and Italy were the most important producers of vegetables in the EU in terms of economic value, accounting for more than half of EU production in 2015.

Spain, Italy and France were the top 3 producers of fruit in the EU in terms of economic value, accounting for over 60% o

EU output in 2015.

Within the EU, the four largest fishery producers in terms of volume were in 2014 Spain (1.4 million live weight tonnes), the United Kingdom (1.0 mn), Denmark (0.8 mn) and France (0.7 mn).

Atlantic salmon produced by far the highest economic value (almost €0.9 bn).

In 2015, the EU had approximately 182 million hectares of forests and other wooded land, corresponding to an estimated 41 % of its total area.

The EU’s forests and other wooded land covered approximately the same proportion of land area as that used for agriculture (together over 80%).

Among the EU Member States, Sweden produced the most round wood (70 million m3) in 2014, followed by Finland, Germany and France (each producing between 52 and 57 million m3).

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