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Western Australia declared free from Queensland fruit fly

Christian Fernsby |
Western Australia has been declared free of Queensland fruit fly (Qfly) after a successful 15-month campaign to eradicate the destructive pest from the Perth metropolitan area.

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The McGowan Government invested more than $13.5 million into the eradication efforts to protect the State's $1 billion horticulture industries and access to vital export markets.

A team of more than 550 with the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development worked closely with communities in and around Dalkeith and Coolbellup to carry out more than 173,000 property and baiting inspections, and collected and disposed of more than 35,000 kilograms of at-risk fruit.

More than 54.5 million sterile Qfly were released across both areas to prevent potential breeding and eradicate any surviving Qfly after baiting.

The final Quarantine Area Notice for Coolbellup and surrounds ended May 24, meaning all restrictions for the movement and management of fruit in the Perth metropolitan area have been removed.

Qfly monitoring traps will remain in place in both areas, as part of the State's permanent early warning trapping grid.

To help prevent future outbreaks, it is important the community continues to keep their fruit and vegetable gardens well maintained and report any usual pests.

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