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Zimbabwe: Cattle disease down by 40 percent

Christian Fernsby |
Government distributed teak grease to over one million families last year, resulting a 40 percent decline in theileriosis cases – commonly known as January Disease – compared to 2019.

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Lands, Agriculture, Water, Fisheries and Rural Resettlement Permanent Secretary Dr John Basera said Government will continue implementing the tick grease programme and support the local manufacture of dipping chemicals to curb livestock deaths.

“For us to contain January Disease and other tick borne-related diseases, we need to religiously dip following the 5:5:4 regime for the next two years,” he said on his Twitter handle.

“Government is rolling out two programmes: One – Tick Grease Programme; Two – local manufacture of dipping chemicals.

“Almost one million households were supported with one kg of tick grease each in 2020.”

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