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Zimbabwe to prioritize soya bean production

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The cooking oil manufacturing industry in Zimbabwe is now able to produce enough to meet local demand but is being constrained by shortages of raw materials.

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That development that will see the Government considering including soya bean among crops whose production it will be supporting through various initiatives, Acting President Emmerson Mnangagwa said.

Acting President Mnangangwa spoke after touring two local cooking oil producers, Surface Wilmar and Pure Oil Industries to get an appreciation of the operations of the industry and the constraints they were facing.

Officials at the companies said they had increased production after the Government restricted importation of cooking oil but were being constrained by shortage of soya bean and cotton seed, which are used to produce the commodity and other by-products.

As a result, Pure Oil for example, was importing at least 50 percent of its raw materials, which could be easily produced locally. Zimbabwe requires at least 12 million litres of cooking oil per month.

Acting President Mnangagwa told journalists after the tour that the government would also consider prioritising soya bean production as well as improve farmer awareness on the need to take up production of the crop.

"Because of this exposure we can also take soya bean on board and have a programme. We have asked the Ministry of Industry to give us statistics on how much soya bean is required in the oil industry in Zimbabwe," he said.

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