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73% of consumers do not intend to switch to Apple Watch for fitness tracking

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As Apple Watch launches, they may have a tough time converting existing fitness tracker users, according to surey.

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In a recent survey of 8,700 users of Fitness Trackers, 48% are either extremely satisfied or satisfied with their current device. When asked if they would consider switching to Apple's new Watch for fitness tracking, an overwhelming 73% said they would not consider switching.

Of the 8,700 consumers surveyed, 35% were using Fitbit, 21% own the Misfit band, and close to 17% claimed the Nike Fuel band as their tracker of choice.

"We recognize that the Apple Watch serves a variety of purposes," says Ido Hadari, CEO of Treato, "but when it comes to those looking for solutions to drive health, it seems that people like what they already have. It will be interesting to see what role the Apple watch will play in the evolving mobile health environment in general, and within the Apple HealthKit framework specifically."