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ACC and Tsuneishi announced world’s largest shipyard solar station

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Asia Clean Capital (ACC) announced the development of a 20 megawatt solar power station at the Tsuneishi Zhoushan Shipbuilding shipyard facility in Zhoushan, Zhejiang province.

Under the terms of the Agreement, Tsuneishi will provide the rooftop space and purchase the electricity generated by the solar system. ACC will invest 100 percent of the system cost and will undertake the design, construction, and long-term system maintenance.

Upon completion it is believed that the system will attain best-in-category in several segments, including world’s largest shipyard solar system, world’s largest rooftop BIPV installation, and Zhejiang Province’s largest rooftop solar project.

Electricity from the solar system will be provided from ACC to Tsuneishi at below-grid rates to ensure operational savings throughout the lifetime of the system.

In addition to monetary savings, the 20 megawatt solar system will assist in achieving sustainability goals. Over its lifetime, the system will save approximately 600,000 tons of C02, or the equivalent of 250-million liters of gasoline.

“ACC is delighted to cooperate with Tsuneishi to develop the world’s largest shipyard solar system” said Thomas Lapham, CEO of ACC. “Tsuneishi is the world’s leading shipbuilder and their developing a flagship project like this has the potential to encourage the industry to focus on sustainability.”

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