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Adobe to approve paid parental leave from November 1

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Adobe announced its family leave programs and joined an industry movement to better support its employees while striving towards increased workforce diversity.

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Highlights of Adobe’s new U.S. leave programs, effective, November 1, include:

Medical Leave: Up to 10 weeks of paid time for surgery, childbirth, a medical emergency or illness.

Parental Leave: 16 weeks of paid time for primary caregivers, allowing new parents more time to spend bonding with their children. This benefit includes moms and dads who have become parents through childbirth, surrogacy, adoption or foster care.

Maternity Leave: Through the combination of Medical and Parental Leave, birth mothers will receive up to 26 weeks of paid time.

Family Care Leave: Provides employees up to four weeks of paid time to care for a sick family member.

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