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Airbus reveals new zero emission concept aircraft

Christian Fernsby |
Airbus has revealed three concepts for the world’s first zero emission commercial aircraft which could enter service by 2035.

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These concepts each represent a different approach to achieving zero emission flight, exploring various technology pathways and aerodynamic configurations in order to support the Company’s ambition of leading the way in the decarbonisation of the entire aviation industry.

All of these concepts rely on hydrogen as a primary power source an option which Airbus believes holds exceptional promise as a clean aviation fuel and is likely to be a solution for aerospace and many other industries to meet their climate neutral targets.

The liquid hydrogen will be stored and distributed via tanks located behind the rear pressure bulkhead.

A turboprop design (up to 100 passengers) using a turboprop engine instead of a turbofan and also powered by hydrogen combustion in modified gas turbine engines, which would be capable of traveling more than 1,000 nautical miles, making it a perfect option for short haul trips.

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