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Amazon: We are not building cashier-less stores

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Amazon has denied reports that it plans to open at least 2,000 cashier-less grocery stores across the United States.

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The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday that Amazon would be expanding its reach to physical stores after the testing of new locations, but the company was quick to rubbish the reports.

Speculation has been rife that Amazon has long-term plans to open up stores in an attempt to upend traditional grocery shopping routes, after the launch of its Amazon Fresh online service.

In an emailed statement the Seattle-based company said it has "no plans to open 2,000 of anything. Not even close. We are still learning."

After becoming the dominant market leader in online shopping it is highly likely that the company will expand in some form towards the opening of stores, but for now it is coy on the prospects of that.

A handful of test stores have been opened at various locations in the U.S., with no checkouts or cashiers being used, fuelling fears that an advance in technology will lead to more robots being used and less jobs available as a consequence.

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