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Amazon's Prime Day starts with strikes from UK to US over dehumanising work conditions

Christian Fernsby |
Amazon workers are breaking bones, being knocked unconscious and taken away in ambulances, and pregnant women workers are treated appallingly.

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This is the reality of the dehumanising work conditions for many associates at Amazon Fulfilment Centres.

GMB, the union for Amazon workers, is staging Prime Day protests across the UK in anger at the appalling working conditions in the retail giant’s warehouses.

From today, the union will hold demonstrations outside Amazon fulfilment centres, including Rugeley, Swansea, Peterborough, Warrington, Coventry, Doncaster and Milton Keynes.

GMB research has revealed the dangerous conditions Amazon workers struggle under.

GMB members report targets being so horrific they have to use plastic bottles to urinate in instead of going to the toilet, and pregnant women have been forced to stand for hours on end, and some pregnant women have been targeted for dismissal.

With Amazon's Prime Day sales event underway, workers as well as labor groups and other activists are calling out the e-commerce giant on issues including work conditions, climate change and its ties to U.S. government moves to deport immigrants.

Workers at an Amazon fulfillment center outside Minneapolis have been advocating for workplace changes for more than a year, claiming the retailer's productivity quotas makes their jobs unsafe and needlessly stressful. They also want Amazon to curb its use of temporary workers.

Workers also planned to demonstrate outside the facility in Shakopee, Minnesota, joined by several Amazon tech workers who flew to the state to join the demonstrators and to demand the company take action to combat climate change.

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