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Atech delivers tactical mission system for Super Cougar helicopter

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Atech, a company of the Embraer Group, participated in the development of the Naval Tactical Data Management System (N-TDMS), a tactical mission system for the H225M/ H-XBR Super Cougar helicopter operating version.

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The N-TDMS will be one of the highlights of the company during the 2018 Euronaval, which takes place from October 23 to 26 in Paris (France).

The N-TDMS is responsible for managing the information obtained by the various sensors of the aircraft and compiling the corresponding tactical framework, in order to assist the operator and the pilots in the decision-making process.

N-TDMS is also responsible for integrating sensor data with the helicopter's weapon system, represented by the Exocet AM39 missile.

Atech was co-responsible for the development of the N-TDMS software, as well as responsible for the development of the simulation models of sensors and weapons and for conducting system evaluation tests.

The company also conducted the process of design, development and assembly of the tactical console installed on the aircraft. Program compliance required Atech to create a dedicated laboratory for the equipment’s serial production.

After delivery of the aircraft provided for in the program for the Brazilian Navy, Atech will continue to be involved with N-TDMS technical support and maintenance.

“With the completed N-TDMS, Atech consolidates its position as an experienced supplier in the development of tactical systems shipped to the Brazilian Armed Forces," says Atech's Business Director, Giacomo Staniscia.

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