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Bechtel supports pioneering renewables technology to help accelerate UK offshore wind generation

Christian Fernsby |
Bechtel is partnering with windfarm developer Hexicon to demonstrate innovative offshore wind technology for large-scale floating power generation projects off the coast of the U.K.

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The floating technology could be a game-changer in offshore power generation as it can be deployed in deep waters at a lower cost of energy than other solutions, this is essential to the industry that currently relies on shallow water platforms that are fixed to the seabed.

Positive results from this demonstration project will further bolster the UK as a world leader in offshore wind generation and support the Government's path to generate 40GW of offshore wind power by 2030.

The initial partnership will draw on Bechtel's engineering, construction, and project financing expertise to develop the design and constructability of the offshore wind facility. In addition to demonstrating a 35 to 40MW floating wind project, the team will also establish how the technology could be brought to market and explore the roles that local suppliers could play in shipbuilding, mooring, and installations, as well as the long-term serving needs of floating offshore wind.

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