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Boeing 737 Max situation described shortly: Snafu

Christian Fernsby |
The troubled Boeing 737 Max has another software glitch, according to flight testers.

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Despite this, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration along with Boeing said that the issue could be resolved without extending the target date for the plane to return to operation.

News of the flaw was revealed at an airline industry event in London, where FAA chief Steve Dickson mentioned the problem but stated he did not believe it would cause a "significant delay".

Dickson added that a key certification flight may take place in the next few weeks, depending on whether Boeing could fix the issue, but cautioned against any set timeline as said in previous statements.

The company said in a statement it was working to resolve the issue so that the light would "only illuminate as intended", adding the issue would not affect its target date of returning the plane to service in summer 2020.

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