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British Airways announces retirement of Boeing 747 Fleet

Christian Fernsby |
British Airway has announced that it will retire its Boeing 747 fleet following the impact of the coronavirus crisis.

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The airline was forced to store all of its 28 747-400s due to reduced demand in the midst of the respiratory disease pandemic.

In a letter sent out to all BA employees, the airline believes that the 747s are unsustainable for the new aviation industry post-pandemic and will look to accelerate the retirement of the twin-deckers.

Most of the airline’s 747s were scheduled to be phased out progressively by early 2024.

The interiors of its 747s had recently been refurbished as part of a billion-pound upgrade program to help extend the lifespan of the fleet.

Yet, the ongoing aviation crisis forced the flag carrier to retire its twin-deckers immediately.

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