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British Airways cramming seats into new Airbus A320neo, regulator says it may be unsafe

Christian Fernsby |
British Airways crams seats into their Airbus narrowbodies and it may be dangerous in certain situations.

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British Head for Points notes what BA has done to squeeze passengers into seats in their new Airbus A320neos:

- the toilet was removed from the back of Euro Traveller to fit in an additional row of seats, and replaced with micro-toilets built into the back wall of the galley

- the seats behind the emergency exit door were replaced with ‘no recline’ ultra-

hin Recaro seats to allow a second additional extra row of seats to be fitted in - drop down monitors were removed, along with the tables in Club Europe, to save weight. there are no waste facilities or drinking water at the rear of the plane because of the need to fit in the loo.

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency has determined that there’s too much weight at the back of the plane. With middle seats blocked up front for Club Europe, BA is having to block the last one to two rows of coach to compensate.

According to Head for Points, “Lufthansa has also had to block seats on its ‘densified’ A320neo aircraft, although this is only one row.”

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