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Canadian Olympia Financial Group announces ransomware cyber attack

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Olympia Financial Group announced that on February 2, 2019 it was subject to a ransomware cyber attack on its information technology systems.

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The malware used to perform the attack encrypted electronic data stored on Olympia’s network so it cannot be read or used. Olympia is still investigating the extent of the attack, but it is anticipated that Olympia’s business operations will be adversely affected for several days while it re-establishes its systems.

At present time there is no evidence that customers’ personal information was compromised as a result of this attack, however investigations in this regard are ongoing.

Should findings dictate, Olympia will notify the impacted clients immediately. It should be noted that cybersecurity measures are in place to limit the nature of customers’ personal information available as a result of any unauthorized access of Olympia’s network.

Upon detection of the attack, Olympia immediately implemented countermeasures to prevent further infection in accordance with Olympia’s established cybersecurity policies that have been developed and implemented in consultation with industry leading cybersecurity specialists. Olympia has also contacted the RCMP Cybercrime division with respect to this attack and has enlisted help from several malware response and recovery industry specialists.

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