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China Railway, CRCC, CCCC awarded Malaysia railway project

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The consortium with China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC) and China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) received the award of contract from the Ministry of Transport, Malaysia.

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The consortium won the bid for the design, construction, supply, installation, completion, testing, commissioning and maintenance of Electrified Double Track from Gemas to Johor Bahru.

The project of the Southern Railway in Malaysia is located between Gemas and Johor Bahru in Malaysia and is an electrified double track and meter-gauge railway.

The total length of the main track is 191.14 kilometers. The designed speed of passenger traveling is 160 kilometers per hour and the speed of freight transport is 90 kilometers per hour.

The project duration is 48 months. The contract amount is MYR8.9 billion, which is equivalent to about Rmb14.469 billion.

In the consortium, China Railway accounts for 30% in the construction sector, about Rmb4.341 billion in aggregate, representing about 0.7% of the operating revenue of China Railway in 2015 prepared under the Chinese Accounting Standards.

CRCC represents 40% in terms of construction part, which is about Rmb5.787 billion, representing about 0.96% of the operating income of CRCC in 2015 under the PRC Accounting Standards.

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