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Costco open first China store and closes it same day as shoppers fight over chickens

Christian Fernsby |
Costco was forced to close its first store in China on its opening day due to overcrowding after large crowds flocked there.

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Videos posted on social media showed people clambering to get into the shop in Shanghai, sparking traffic jams in the area, jostling with others to get roasted chickens and meat and waiting in long check-out queues, as officials urged shoppers to behave "in a rational manner".

The company has announced that it will now limit the number of shoppers at any given time to 2,000, and police will help to improve the flow of traffic nearby.

Costco said: "We'd like to apologise for the inconvenience caused to our members on our warehouse opening day in Shanghai."

It pledged to send text messages to members when the store was nearing capacity or if there were long waiting times.

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