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Danish high court rules Uber is illegal

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Uber is an illegal taxi service, Denmark’s Eastern High Court has ruled, upholding a previous ruling by the Copenhagen City Court.

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It also ordered a 28-year-old driver to pay a fine of DKK 6,000 (€806).

Uber is a profit-seeking company, the courts argue, meaning that it is more of an illegal taxi service than a genuine ridesharing scheme.

Drivers appealed the Copenhagen City Court decision in July, and the new ruling was the first judgement against that appeal. Cases may now be filed against around 50 Uber drivers in Denmark.

The Copenhagen Public Prosecutor’s Office (Statsadvokaten) is also likely to bring a case against San Francisco-based Uber.

“Uber was charged with complicity in the drivers’ violations,” prosecutor Rikke Jensen told news agency Ritzau.

“Now we need to look at whether there are grounds to prosecute the company. I think we can. We now have the high court’s word that the Uber system goes against Danish taxi laws.”

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