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Danish internet providers TDC, Telia and Telenor lied about speeds

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The Consumer Ombudsman (Forbrugerombudsmanden) said that Danish internet providers have mislead customers by promising broadband speeds that they can’t deliver.

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The ombudsman has told TDC, Telia and Telenor that they need to change the way they market their broadband services after the companies over-promised what they can provide.

“TDC, Telia and Telenor have misled consumers by promising them broadband speeds that they can’t have. I have therefore asked the companies to change their marketing,” Consumer Ombudsman Christina Toftegaard Nielsen said in a press release.

“Speed is a major factor for consumers when they choose broadband [providers]. Therefore it is important that the companies give correct information about it in their marketing,” she added.

The ombudsman looked at five cases, two each from TDC and Telia and one from Telenor and concluded that the companies advertised broadband speeds that aren’t available or withheld important details from consumers.

In one instance, TDC promised a speed guarantee but did not specify that it applied only to consumers who use a DSL cable and not those who use wireless connections.

In another, Telia advertised for a TV package that included 20MB broadband speeds without telling consumers that the speeds would be slowed down when used in conjunction with the TV package.

Telia and Telenor were also both criticised for advertising broadband internet of “up to” a certain speed without specifying that many customers would be unable to use the advertised maximum speeds and that the top speeds were impossible to reach if consumers used the wireless routers that came with the deal.

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