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Data on 2,750 partner firms of Japan Post unit leaked

Christian Fernsby |
A computer file containing data on 2,750 business partners of a unit of Japan Post Co. has been leaked, the parent company said Tuesday.

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On Oct. 6, an employee of the Tokyo-based unit, Japan Post Trading Service Co., which conducts catalog-based sales of midsummer and year-end gifts handled at post offices, mistakenly attached the file to a business email addressed to 32 other partner companies and sent it, according to Japan Post Co., the mail and parcel delivery service arm of Japan Post Holdings Co.

The file contained information such as the names and telephone numbers of employees of the 2,750 companies, which are suppliers of items for the gifts, and bank account numbers of the firms.

There has been no report on the leaked information being misused, according to Japan Post Co.

A supervisor of the Japan Post Trading employee, who is a member of the staff at the company’s office in Okinawa, noticed the mistake on Oct. 7 and asked the 32 companies to delete the file.

By Monday, employees of Japan Post Trading visited the 32 companies to ask again for deletion of the file and confirmed that the erroneously sent information was not leaked to third parties.

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