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Dedrone and BlackBerry partner to counter unauthorized drone activity

Christian Fernsby |
BlackBerry announced it has partnered with Dedrone to deliver advanced counter-drone technology to secure the world's most critical sites.

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As part of this embedded technology partnership, Dedrone, is integrating BlackBerry AtHoc software into its products to enable real-time secure alerts when a malicious or unauthorized drone is detected in an airspace.

Dedrone provides early warning, classification of, and mitigation against drone threats.

Dedrone's capabilities are used by hundreds of customers, including the U.S.

military, allied and coalition forces, correctional facilities, airports, utilities, as well as other public and private organizations.

Working with the BlackBerry AtHoc API, Dedrone has integrated directly to BlackBerry AtHoc's extensive and granular alerting functionality.

This allows the creation of automated, highly targeted alerts based on a range of criteria, including flight zones, drone behavior, and user groups for a more efficient, focused response to the presence of an unauthorized drone.

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