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EasyJet launches 12 new UK domestic routes

Christian Fernsby |
easyJet has put 12 new domestic flights and seats on sale today to serve demand for domestic travel.

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The flights will provide Brits with more opportunity to reconnect with friends and family across the country or book a long-awaited break and explore more of the UK this summer.

The airline is adding three new UK airports to its domestic network, which includes launching operations from Belfast City Airport for the first time to London Gatwick.

EasyJet will also be returning to Leeds Bradford and East Midlands airports with new flights to and from Belfast International Airport, routes previously served by the Stobart Air-operated Aer Lingus Regional, providing key connectivity between the regions.

The airline has also put over 60,000 additional seats on sale across existing routes from Belfast International to Birmingham from 3 July operating 22 times a week; to Manchester from 9 July operating 27 times a week; to Edinburgh from 2 July operating 22 times a week; and to Glasgow from 2 July operating 20 times a week.

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