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Embraer delivers its first jet to Spanish airline Binter

Christian Fernsby |
Embraer delivered the first of five E195-E2 model aircraft, a new model in Europe. They were acquired a year ago by the Spanish airline Binter as part of the Canary Islands company's growth of long-distance flights.

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To make this progress possible with the objective of improving the connectivity of the Canary Islands with other countries, Binter which carried 3.6 million passengers in 2018 invested some 342 million dollars in the five jets with a capacity for 132 passengers in a single class, as Del Castillo stated to EFE.

This first aircraft, which must still pass a technical assessment by the airline before travelling from Brazil to Spain, is due to arrive in the Canary Islands within a week to effectively join the Binter fleet where it replaces an older model used by the company.

Embraer also plans to deliver two more aircraft in 2019 and the remaining two in mid-2020, when the company can at last put its expansion plan for the new jets into operation.

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