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E.ON to join German e-mobility program with 250 charging points

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E.ON has announced that it will be joining the German government new e-mobility funding program, initially with over 250 charging points.

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To improve the charging network across Germany, there are plans to install numerous freely accessible charging points in rural areas.

E.ON sees itself as a partner for municipalities and companies wanting to install their own charging points.

E.ON will apply for the funds and bring expertise to this partnership, helping to select suitable charging points, operating the charging columns, providing payment systems and managing the overall business.

E.ON’s portfolio also includes systems such as fast charging columns and wall-mounted boxes for underground car parks.

“The German government’s new e-mobility funding program provides an important basis for further developing the charging infrastructure in Germany.

“We expressly welcome this funding initiative which makes environmentally friendly e-mobility even more attractive,” said E.ON board member Karsten Wildberger, who is also the Chairman of the National Electromobility Platform’s “Charging Infrastructure and Network Integration Working Group”.

In Denmark, one of the world’s best developed e-mobility markets, E.ON is the owner and operator of 2,500 charging points which saw over 300,000 charging transactions in 2016.

Using customer data, E.ON is continuously developing new services and pricing models for the markets of the future.

E.ON has also started developing charging networks in the UK and Sweden, offering municipalities and private customers a range of e-mobility products and services that include charging systems and bespoke pricing scales.

Together with its cooperation partner Sixt Leasing, E.ON is also offering electric vehicles and charging solutions in a single package.

E.ON is also gradually converting its vehicle fleet to electric. The purchase of 3,000 electric vehicles for the network fleet has already started.

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