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Ericsson and Entel in responsible e-waste disposal in Chile

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Entel, a mobile operator in Chile, is partnering with Ericsson under Ericsson's global Ecology Management Product Take-Back program.

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Those two companies will minimize the potential environmental impact associated with the disposal of decommissioned electrical equipment (e-waste).

The program is part of Ericsson's sustainability and corporate responsibility efforts geared toward ensuring accountability for the environmental impacts of all products and services during their lifecycles.

It ensures that end-of-life material is treated in an environmentally responsible manner by globally accredited e-waste recycling partners.

Ericsson provides e-waste services as part of the company's Extended Producer Responsibility. Ericsson offers the program to all customers globally, not only in Europe where it is required by law.

This guarantees that e-waste does not end up in trade-restricted areas, landfill or in places where unethical business practices are taking place.

This partnership exemplifies the spirit of Chile's new Extended Producer Responsibility law, soon to be enacted, which gives manufacturers and companies dealing in products such as electrical and electronic equipment the responsibility of organizing and financing recovery and waste management of their derivative products. â– 

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