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EU concludes talks with Sanofi to secure 300 mln doses of coronavirus vaccine

Christian Fernsby |
The European Commission said on Friday that it has concluded exploratory talks with French pharmaceutical company Sanofi aiming for a deal that could secure 300 million doses of the company's COVID-19 vaccine for Europeans next year.

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It is part of a broader European Union (EU) campaign seeking to reach purchase agreements with major COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers.

Sanofi's vaccine candidate is planning to seek marketing authorization from the European Medicines Agency in June 2021 following Phase III clinical trials.

The commission said in a statement that it would have a contractual framework in place for the purchase of 300 million doses on behalf of all EU member states once Sanofi's vaccine has proven to be safe and effective against COVID-19.

According to the EU strategy for COVID-19 vaccines, the commission would finance part of the upfront costs faced by vaccine producers in the form of Advance Purchase Agreements. Funding provided would be considered as a down payment on the vaccines to be purchased by the EU member states.

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