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Europe urges Volkswagen to finalise repairs of all cars affected by emissions scandal

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The EU consumer authorities and the European Commission sent a joint letter to the CEO of Volkswagen urging the group to swiftly repair all cars affected by the "dieselgate" scandal.

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This is part of a coordinated action by EU consumer authorities to make sure that the Volkswagen group respects consumer law in the aftermath of the scandal and is proactive towards the consumers concerned.

Consumer authorities across the EU continue to receive indications that many of the cars affected have not been repaired yet.

After talks with Commissioner Jourová in 2016, Volkswagen committed to repairing all affected cars by autumn 2017.

EU consumer authorities, under the leadership of the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM), are urging Volkswagen to confirm, within one month, that this plan will be upheld.

They demand full transparency in this process, including a detailed account on what has been achieved and what remains to be done.

The Commission has requested that all affected Volkswagen cars should be brought into full conformity with type approval rules, therefore Volkswagen should guarantee to resolve any potential problem arising after the repairs.

EU consumer authorities ask Volkswagen to reply within one month to their request and engage in a dialogue at the European level.

It will be up to each Member State to decide the next course of action if Volkswagen does not react to this common position or an agreement cannot be reached.

Authorities may take action appropriate to their local circumstances including enforcement action where necessary.

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