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European Court of Justice supported Poland to limit Gazprom's use of OPAL

Christian Fernsby |
The European Court of Justice rejected Germany's appeal and supported Poland's position to limit Gazprom’s allowed capacity of the OPAL gas pipeline, which connects Nord Stream 1 with the gas transmission system of Central and Western Europe by 50%.

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"In accordance with the EU treaties, EU energy policy is designed - in the spirit of solidarity among EU members - to secure the functioning of the energy market, ensure energy supplies to the EU, support energy effectiveness, develop new renewable energy sources and support mutual links between energy networks," the court said in a statement.

The court determined that “contrary to arguments presented by Germany, the compatibility of every EU document regarding energy policy should be evaluated with view to the principle of energy solidarity”.

According to the requirements of the EU third energy package, energy infrastructure facilities must be independent of companies producing electricity or energy resources. In other words, one company cannot be a gas supplier and pipe owner.

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