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Ex-Transaero owner and his family ordered to pay nearly $1 million to airline

Christian Fernsby |
The Thirteenth Commercial Court of Appeals has recovered nearly $1 million from ex-Transaero founder Alexander Pleshakov and his family at the suit of a bankruptcy supervisor of the air carrier, according to court records.

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The court has thus overturned a ruling of the Commercial Court of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region, which dismissed a claim filed by Transaero’s bankruptcy supervisor Alexey Belokopyt to collect 81 million rubles (about $1.2 million) from Pleshakov, his mother, wife and two daughters on April 5.

The supervisor asked the court to quash the transactions related to the payment of Transaero dividends in 2013 and return the funds plus interest to the bankruptcy estate charging the money from Pleshakov and his relatives.

In early March, the court dismissed two other claims lodged Belokopyt seeking to collect over 20 million rubles (about $300,000) from ex-Board Chairman of Transaero Olga Pleshakova. The applicant asked the court to invalidate certain transactions carried out by the former director as the operations in question were made immediately prior to Transaero bankruptcy.

Moreover, in March, VTB bank filed a lawsuit seeking to collect 249.2 billion rubles ($4 billion) from Transaero air carrier’s founder Alexander Pleshakov, ex- Board Chairman Olga Pleshakova and Pleshakov’s mother.

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