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First hydrogen bus route in France

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AN HOOL consortium will deploy the first hydrogen bus route in France, in Pau. François Bayrou, President of the community of Pau Béarn Pyrénées, made this public announcement for the creation of a “zero emission” bus route.

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It will be operated by the Pau transport operator companies SMTU-PPP and STAP from September 2019 between the hospital and the railway station in Pau.

For the first time in France, hydrogen conquers public transport.

Fuelled by hydrogen from renewable sources, eight buses from the Bus Rapid Transit service line (BHNS) will be operating on the streets of Pau within two years, as part of a contract between SMTU-PPP, Engie, Van Hool and ITM Power.

The buses will form an artery of the new transportation network designed by the City within its urban redevelopment project aimed at improving the perception and use of public spaces in a sustainable way.

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