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Free security solution from Kaspersky Lab available for all Windows users

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Russian cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab Tuesday launched its free version of antivirus software Kaspersky Free to "secure the whole world" amid celebration of its 20th anniversary.

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"We believe that everyone has the right to be free of cybersecurity fears," Eugene Kaspersky, chairman and CEO of Kaspersky lab, wrote on their website.

In announcing the software via a blog post, the company founder said they have been working on this release for a good year and a half, and the software would roll out globally across the next few months.

Kaspersky Free was immediately available in the United States, Canada, and several Asia Pacific countries on the heels of being piloted last year in the Russia-Ukraine-Belarus region, in China and also in the Nordic countries.

The company said this free software will "positively affect the quality of protection of all users," since an increase of installations would bring more numbers to big-data bases for better machine learning.

According to the company's website, over 400 million users are protected by its technologies and they help 270,000 corporate clients protect what matters most to them.

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