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Fujifilm takes ownership of Xerox in $6.1 billion deal

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Fujifilm announced it will combine with and take majority ownership of American business company Xerox, in a deal worth more than $6 billion.

The new company, Fuji Xerox, will be owned 50.1 percent by Fujifilm and will have Xerox CEO Jeff Jacobson lead the new company.

Xerox shareholders will also receive a $2.5 million cash dividend, or about $9.80 per share.

"The proposed combination has compelling industrial logic and will unlock significant growth and productivity opportunities for the combined company," Jacobson said in a statement.

"The new Fuji Xerox will be better positioned to compete in today's environment with truly global scale, increased presence in fast-growing markets, and innovation capabilities to effectively meet our customers' rapidly-evolving demands."

The deal is worth about $6.1 billion.

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