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General Assembly Pizza launches world's first pizza subscription service in Toronto

Christian Fernsby |
Toronto fast casual restaurant General Assembly Pizza (GA) launched the world's first pizza subscription service.

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The GA pizza subscription offers free home delivery for stacks of 4, 6, 8 or 10 pizzas, from as little as $39 per order and as low as $9 per pizza.

The service is GA's newest way to pizza, and is available in Toronto i.e.

all postal codes that start with the letter 'M', with plans to expand throughout Ontario in 2021.

General Assembly's pizzas feature 100% naturally leavened dough yielded from an all-natural sourdough starter.

At 10" in diameter, all GA pizzas are personal pizzas, which lends itself to a tidy freezer footprint.

GA's premium frozen pizzas require no kitchen preparation and cook in just 5-7 minutes in a conventional oven (or grilled on the bbq).

GA's pizza subscription service is a convenient offering for busy professionals, pizza lovers and parents alike.

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