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General Motors recalls more than 375,000 pickups over Takata airbags

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GM is recalling around 375,000 heavy duty pickup trucks equipped with passenger-side air bag inflators made by Takata.

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The trucks are 2007 and 2008 model Chevrolet Silverados and GM Sierras and come hot on the heels of other major recalls Saturday.

Subaru has also announced it will expand its recall of 2004 and 2005 model Impreza compact cars with Takata air bags to about 80,000 from 20,000. Both Subaru and Takata have said they have received no reports of inadvertent deployments of air bags in the vehicles.

Takata and US safety regulators last week agreed to expand the recalls of vehicles with potentially faulty Takata air bag inflators.

The inflators have been shown to exploded with too much force, sending shrapnel into the vehicles. Six people have been killed by the fault, off of them in Honda models.

Twelve incorrect deployments of Takata air bags have occurred in Toyota and Honda vehicles in Japan since 2011, according to reports by the Nikkei Friday. No injuries were reported in these incidents a Japanese automotive official said.

Since late year, Takata air bags have been the subject of US Congressional hearings and another hearing, before the Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade, will be held next Tuesday.

No root cause for the defect has been found and Takata managers want the automakers to share some of the blame for the malfunctioning air bags.

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