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Georgia: American Peanut Growers Group to open new processing facility, create jobs

Christian Fernsby |
American Peanut Growers Group (APGG) will invest $85 million in expanding operations in the state, creating 90 jobs.

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In addition to expanding its current Donalsonville shelling plant, APGG will open a new food processing facility on its 45 acre campus in Seminole County.

Headquartered in Seminole County and grower owned, American Peanut Growers Group produces approximately 200,000 tons of peanuts per year.

In addition to local buyers in South Georgia, APGG utilizes the Port of Savannah to reach many customers around the world. APGG’s customers include major confectioners, peanut butter manufacturers, and snack nut roasters.

APGG plans to build an additional 135,000 square foot facility on its campus. This will encompass its new food processing operations, enabling APGG to manufacture peanut paste, granules, peanut butter, and roasted peanuts for its customers. The company will also invest in additional shelling equipment as it expands those operations.

APGG’s facility is located at 5212 Highway 39 North in Donalsonville. The company will begin hiring in June 2022 for careers in production, management, and maintenance.

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