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Goldman Sachs to invest $150 billion in clean energy

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The Goldman Sachs Group will expand its clean energy target to $150 billion in financings and investments by 2025 as part of its updated Environmental Policy Framework.

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First established in November 2005, the new framework codifies the roadmap for continued environmental progress across each of Goldman Sachs’ businesses.

By 2025, Goldman Sachs will target $150 billion in clean energy financing and investments, expanding the existing $40 billion target set in 2012.

By 2015, Goldman Sachs will be the first US investment bank to be carbon neutral across its operations and business travel. By 2020, the firm will target $2 billion in green operational investments and seek to source 100 percent renewable power for its global electricity needs.

Goldman Sachs will target the deployment of clean energy solutions to underserved markets to facilitate more equitable and affordable access through the launch of a Clean Energy Access Initiative.

The Goldman Sachs Center for Environmental Markets will invest $10 million in grants through partnerships that will demonstrate the potential of innovative financial mechanisms to unlock capital for environmental solutions.

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