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Google asks U.S. court to block Canadian global delisting order

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Google asked a California court to block an order from Canada that would require the Google to remove a website from worldwide search results.

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The lawsuit asks for a declaratory judgment that the Canadian court's order cannot be enforced in the United States.

The case, which tests the limits of global copyright protections in the digital era, stems from a legal dispute involving Canadian telecommunications equipment manufacturer Equustek Solutions, which successfully sued another company for relabeling its products and passing them off as their own.

Google agreed to de-index 345 webpages associated with Datalink, the offending firm in Canada.

But the company fled the country and continued to market the counterfeit products from an unknown location.

Equustek then succeeded in obtaining a court order, upheld last month by Canada's Supreme Court, that would require Google to delete all mentions of Datalink worldwide.

In its 143-page filing, Google said the Canadian court order would be "unprecedented" and violate its rights to operate in the United States.

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