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Google under fire over anti-Semitic search results in Sweden

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Google said it was taking measures to address criticism against it for allowing the spread of anti-Semitic propaganda through various search results, which had triggered outrage in Sweden.

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A search on Google for the Holocaust showed an anti-Semitic blog post high up containing information about Swedish Jews. With their names, pictures and occupations listed, dozens of them were described in a humiliating and threatening manner, according to local media.

Searches for the neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement's propaganda website also appeared as news with "top stories from", as seen on searches for media organisations, Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter reported.

Dagens Nyheter reported that the company has adjusted its algorithms to change this specific news search function.

"Sometimes search results that both we and users find offensive can show up. But there are also concerns about suppressing material based on personal opinion," Google's Sweden branch said on Twitter. "We must, like everyone else, comply with the law."

The Nazi hunting Simon Wiesenthal Center said it may raise the issue with Google and also call on Swedish authorities to reconsider laws on hate speech.

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