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Growth trend continues for Fraport

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In September 2018, Frankfurt Airport (FRA) welcomed some 6.6 million passengers - an increase of 6.3 percent year-on-year.

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As in previous months, the rise was primarily driven by European traffic.

Aircraft movements also climbed by 5.7 percent to 45,950 takeoffs and landings.

Accumulated maximum takeoff weights (MTOWs) increased by 4.0 percent to about 2.8 million metric tons. Cargo throughput (airfreight + airmail) was the only category to post a slight decline of 1.4 percent to 185,042 metric tons, reflecting the slowdown in global trade.

During the January-to-September 2018 period, almost 53.0 million passengers passed through Frankfurt Airport, representing a gain of 8.4 percent.

With 386.048 takeoffs and landings, aircraft movements were up 8.0 percent. Accumulated MTOWs rose by 5.3 percent, reaching almost 23.8 million metric tons. Cargo volumes dipped only slightly by 0.8 percent year-on-year to about 1.6 million metric tons.

Fraport’s Group airports worldwide also achieved positive performance in the first nine months of 2018. At Ljubljana Airport (LJU) in Slovenia, traffic advanced by 9.7 percent to about 1.4 million passengers (September 2018: up 6.3 percent to 191,823 passengers).

Fraport’s two Brazilian airports in Fortaleza (FOR) and Porto Alegre (POA) achieved combined traffic growth of 5.1 percent to nearly 10.8 million passengers (September 2018: up 8.6 percent to about 1.2 million passengers).

The Fraport Group’s 14 Greek airports served 25.9 million passengers overall, an increase of 8.9 percent (September 2018: up 8.2 percent to about 4.5 million passengers).

The fastest growing airports in Fraport’s Greek portfolio included Thessaloniki (SKG) with 5.2 million passengers (up 5.1 percent), Rhodes (RHO) with 4.9 million passengers (up 6.3 percent) and Corfu (CFO) with approximately 3.1 million passengers (up 15.5 percent).

Traffic at Lima Airport (LIM) in the capital of Peru rose by 8.2 percent to almost 16.5 million passengers (September 2018: up 5.1 percent to about 1.8 million passengers).

On the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, the Fraport Twin Star airports in Varna (VAR) and Burgas (BOJ) concluded the first nine months of 2018 with combined traffic growth of 12.4 percent to nearly 5.3 million passengers (September 2018: up 6.7 percent to 788,091 passengers).

Antalya Airport (AYT) in Turkey posted a gain of 21.7 percent to almost 26.5 million passengers (September 2018: up 17.9 percent to about 4.4 million passengers).

In northern Germany, traffic at Hanover Airport (HAJ) was up 8.4 percent to some 4.9 million passengers (September 2018: up 9.6 percent to 722.769 passengers).

Pulkovo Airport (LED) in St. Petersburg, Russia, reported an 11.1 percent rise to around 14.0 million passengers (September 2018: up 11.6 percent to around 1.9 million passengers). Xi’an Airport (XIY) in China welcomed nearly 33.5 million passengers, an increase of 7.4 percent (September 2018: up 3.6 percent to just under 3.8 million passengers).

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