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H2 Cable and SubCom sign H2 submarine cable contract

Christian Fernsby |
H2 Cable and SubCom announced that they signed the contract for the supply and installation of the H2 submarine cable system.

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The cable will be the first to connect Australia and Hong Kong with direct access to China.

The cable design also allows for a number of branching units that can be deployed to locations including Taiwan, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Island, Guam, Queensland, Hawaii and Los Angeles.

The very direct route will provide the best latency from Australia across the Pacific Ocean, with the Sydney to Hong Kong branch carrying 15 Tbps per fiber pair and the Sydney to Los Angeles branch carrying more than 12.9 Tbps per fiber pair.

The cable has a single end power feeding capability of more than 13,000 km.

The branch between Sydney and Los Angeles will follow an entirely diverse route to the north of New Caledonia, which has not been used by any other cable.

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